PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- For some, biking is a lifestyle -- for others an obsession; two Mainers will be sharing their obsession across the country as they take the ride of a lifetime from Boston to San Francisco.

Zachary Litif is the founder of Bike Frog -- an initiative he started to get more people excited about cycling and the benefits that come with it – he’s the mastermind behind the trip.

“Whether you're commuting in the city, touring across the country or mountain biking” Litif said. “It’s a way to not only see the country but to shape your lifestyle”.

He's been planning the trip for the last three years -- now it’s finally a reality. He said each new city brings an opportunity to rally the community and have a bigger conversation. “We are just showing them that bikes fit in everywhere and with everyone” Litif said. “When the spark happens it turns into wildfire really quick”.

Traveling alongside him is Eliot Douin -- "Its going to be like 75-80 days and I don't know if I packed the right stuff" Douin said. "I'm feeling pretty excited, nervous for sure".

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