PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- With many people across the state experiencing day three of no power since the storm that bore down on Maine Sunday night into Monday morning, generators that run on fossil fuel to produce electricity have become a hot ticket item at hardware stores.

On Wednesday morning, people lined up outside Home Depot on Riverside Street in Portland to get their hands on the latest shipment of generators. The store manager said they sold out within hours after opening both Monday and Tuesday. The same thing happened at the Home Depot in Bangor, where another line formed at the store doors ahead of opening on Wednesday.

For those who have been told by Central Maine Power that they could go up to ten days without power, they decided enough is enough.

"We don't know how many days we're going to be, I mean, this is the longest I've ever gone without power," said Bill Langlais who is now three days in with no electricity at his home. "I've had enough, I'm ready to move forward here. So, this will help make life a little easier."

For those who can't get a generator, MEMA agencies have a list of warming stations set up at fire stations and community centers around the state.