HALLOWELL, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Not everyone was glued to a video screen Thursday, but many Mainers were clearly very interested in what fired FBI Director James Comey told Congress.

“I think its historic, right up there with Watergate,” said Lynn Irish, owner of the Whippersnapper Quilt Shop. Irish has the Comey hearing playing on her computer’s video screen in the shop. She said every customer who came in paused a few minutes to listen with her.

Others used their lunch break to watch the hearing on TV screens above the bar at the Liberal Cup, a popular restaurant in town. Mel Leavitt said he had been “off the grid” for a few days, but had been tracking the situation with Comer and President Trump before that.

“Just makes you wonder about our government, where they’re leading us. Kind of scary,” said Leavitt.

But a few chairs away, Bruce Ruzolli said he wasn’t getting worked up over the Comey/Trump dispute.

“To me it’s a waste of taxpayer money,” he said. “It just seems like it was grasping for something but I don’t think its out there."

Not everyone wanted to share an opinion on the Comey hearing. At the local barber shop, there were no comments from customers or barbers. At the Quarry Taproom, while TV screens showed the hearing inside, most of the noontime customers chose to enjoy the sun on the patio.

One man declined an interview, but said he was “more interested in the NBA playoffs”.