Thousands of people went out shopping on Black Friday in hopes of getting good deals on holiday gifts.

Some camped out overnight in front of stores to be first in line to snatch up the coveted items of the season.

The line at Cabela's in Scarborough was 950 people long at 5 a.m.

"This is my first year -- I wasn't told we were doing this until five minutes before we left the house so I was very unprepared. I got like two sweatshirts and it's still pretty cold," said Sam Rideout.

Lines moved quickly at stores like Cabela's. People remained orderly, with no violence or outbursts reported.

"Our customers are very patient. They realize it's a big day for us and they see we're making an honest effort to get it done," said Greg Sirpis, the retail marketing manager at Cabela's. "A lot of people like waiting in line -- it's become a ritual for them."

Families say they wake up early every year not only for the deals, but to spend more time with family.

"It's a tradition -- my daughter and I do it every year," said Shane from Damariscotta.

Katie Finemore drove all the way from Monticello in Aroostook County to shop.

"Probably 10 years with my mom, but of course we're up in Aroostook County, so there's not much you get out in the county so it's like 'ooh! There's more shopping!'" said Finemore. "It's worth it because you can make the scores for your kids."