Tiny homes are a trendy way of living we've talked about on NEWS CENTER before.
But Saturday, in Portland, micro-living is going to be celebrated.
The first Micromaine symposium will put people interested in small businesses and living into a group and wander them around the city.
One person who's going to get a spotlight is Jeremy Sahlman from Pownal, who runs amicrocabin.com.
Jeremy's been making tiny playhouse type structures out of woodm using his design and a computer aided cutting machine.
His business isn't full-fledged yet but hopes by selling enough prototypes that he can set up a more formal operation.

“It’s a design experiment,” said Sahlman. “How do you create a doorknob with only plywood, for instance? How do you create the hinge on a window only being able to make straight cuts in sheet goods?”
More information about Saturday’s micromaine event can be found at micromaine.com