CUMBERLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Sunday was Open Creamery Day in Maine, a chance for farms all over the state to show visitors and locals the dairy process.

Sunflower Farm in Cumberland was just one of over a dozen farms across the state that participated.

The farm specializes in goat's milk products, and visitors loved seeing its 25 goats Sunday.

It wasn't just Sunflower Farm showing off the dairy process, though. The farm had goat's soap makers, goat's butter, pizza with goat cheese and even farm-based artists who provided the entertainment.

“It's our favorite day of the year because all sorts of people come to the farm to taste the products and visit with each other,” said Sunflower Farm owner Hope Hall. “We love it because it's like a wonderful celebration of farming in Maine.”

She said that the rain brought numbers down from the usual 500 to around 200.