CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The Cookie Jar Bakery in Cape Elizabeth has kicked production into high gear as Thanksgiving Day rapidly approaches.

Hundreds of pie, roll, and cookie orders are waiting to head to a Thanksgiving feast. This is the Cookie Jar's busiest week of the year; the bakers will put in 100 hours of cooking time in the days leading up to "Turkey Day."

Owner Donna Piscopo says the hard work is exhausting but she's thankful for the community that supports her business, many of which said they have a lot to be thankful for this year.

"The community to us is everything. We lost the bakery [after a storm] in 2006, and we were down for three years," Piscopo said. "When we reopened, they rallied around us."

Gerald and Tannia Bell, residents in the area, are looking forward to having Thanksgiving with their daughter for "the first time in five years;" she just moved back to the area a week ago.

And Josh Dennison, whose young children marveled at the sight of the Cookie Jar's endless display of donuts, said, "I'm thankful for these guys and my beautiful wife and the time that we get to spend together and relax and enjoy the holiday."