BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — With talks about cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, many people in Maine have concerns about the new health care bill. A woman whose family may be directly affected by the Republican replacement for the Affordable Care Act was able to take her concerns directly to Senator Collins.

Kathy Day, of Bangor, visits her 91-year-old mother at Winterberry Heights Assisted Living and Memory Care in town at least twice a week.

Day's mother suffers from dementia and, within a year, she says her mom could go bankrupt if cuts to Medicaid are extensive.

She told Senator Susan Collins about this concern last Friday at a small meeting in Augusta.

"With the threat to upending Medicaid on the national level, it's really frightening for me," Day said.

Day says she was pleased that Collins told her she would not stand by the proposed cuts to Medicaid.

"I felt fairly confident before she even announced it that she would say no," Day said.

Monday Collins publicly stated she would not support the current version of the Senate health care bill.

The Congressional Budget Office has predicted 22 million Americans could lose health care insurance under the proposal.