PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Jesse "Flex" Labreck is originally from Oakland, Maine, but these days she lives in Naperville, Illinois, where she manages a gym that trains future American Ninja Warriors — a dream come true.

Labreck has spent the last two years training and competing on the NBC show American Ninja Warrior, a televised competition that sends athletes through an extremely rigorous obstacle course.

Maine's 'Flex' Labreck punches ticket to ANW finals in Vegas

Stage 1 of the competition's 2017 finals aired Monday night, and Labreck was a favorite and a front runner at the event. She made it to the last obstacle on the course but fell just short of completion when she lost her grip on the cargo net of the "Flying Squirrel."

No one who watched her thought she was anything less than a warrior, though, and neither does she.

The 26-year-old, a 2013 student-athlete alumna of the University of Maine, doesn't plan to slow down anytime soon — she's still competing in local competitions to prepare for next year's season.

Mainer Jesse Labreck hits first 'buzzer,' advances to ANW city finals

"My life is so much different because of Ninja Warrior," she told NEWS CENTER. "Between my job, the people I'm around constantly – I'm in a relationship because of Ninja Warrior. It's a complete 180 from where my life would be without it."

While she believes she made mistakes at the Sept. 4 finals, Labreck doesn't have any regrets. It just gives her a reason to work harder.