MESQUITE, Nevada (NEWS CENTER) -- Originally from Oakland Maine, Lucas Thomas is now working for a newspaper in Mesquite Nevada. Monday's assignment brought him to the retirement community and home of the suspected Las Vegas shooter.

"Everyone I have spoken to says he kept to himself," Thomas said in reference to the suspected shooter, Stephen Paddock. "Police can only trace back his residency there about nine months."

Thomas has been sitting in Paddock's retirement community since 4 A.M Monday. So far things have been pretty calm but active.

"Detectives are there working forensics and just sort of sweeping the scene inside his house to see if they can find anything." Thomas said.

He's hoping to find anyone who may know Paddock, so far he's only hit dead ends. Thomas claims an event like this is very unusual for the area --he described Mesquite as a very quiet, small town, where a lot of people go to retire.When asked about what it's like to cover something like this, especially after growing up in a small town in Maine -- this was his response.

"The actual magnitude and the tragedy of the incident is kind of a blur right now -- I feel kind of guilty about that," Thomas said. "I mean I feel like I am an empathetic person and I like to think that I can feel for people and I really haven't had much time to really think about what happened and how horrific of a scene and an event it really was."

Police still have much of the retirement community blocked off. As of right now, Thomas will stay on scene for the newspaper indefinitely. "It's really a waiting game at this point." Thomas said.