BRIDGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The Maine Office of Tourism says it's seen a 10% increase in winter season visitors between the 2015-'16 and 2016-'17 seasons, and it wants to keep the momentum going.

The Office of Tourism Director, Steve Lyons, says while most winter advertisement has been digital, this year it's investing 400 thousand dollars into visual advertisements on billboards, public transportation, and even coffee cups at select cafes from Maine to Philadelphia.

Tourism officials describe Maine as a "drive-to" destination in winter with the majority of its visitors coming from the greater northeast. Representatives from Shawnee Peak Ski Area say they'd welcome the additional business, especially on slower week days and for multiple days.

"We would love to see more people come up and experience the state mid week," said Rachael Wilkinson, director of skier experience at Shawnee Peak.

Wilkinson says when people visit the mountain, the whole town of Bridgton reaps the bennefits, "They'll stay at a local inn or bed and breakfast, a lot of those local inns and bed and breakfasts we partner with. So, they do really well as a result of that. And then a lot of the in-town businesses, the Reny's and a lot of the local dining and drinking establishments do really well, and we've seen a lot of those pop up over the years."

The winter tourism campaign will run through March.