Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Maine State Police are sending a clear message to all drivers during this busy travel holiday weekend, "SLOW" down.

According to police, the four day Thanksgiving weekend has been a traditionally deadly one on Maine roads. There have been at least four deaths in each of the past four Thanksgiving weekends.

The Chief of the State Police, Colonel Robert Williams, said troopers will be looking for aggressive, impaired and texting drivers. They will have extra troopers on patrol and their plane in the air for the long Thanksgiving weekend.

Police said troopers will be looking for seat belt violators following the rash of fatal crashes this month in which occupants were not buckled up.

"Six of the past ten highway deaths the crash victims were not wearing seat belts and died after being thrown out of the vehicles," Colonel Williams said.

The chief cautioned drivers to be prepared for sudden winter driving conditions over the weekend as falling temperatures can result in ice and snow on the roadways.