SIDNEY, Maine (NEW CENTER) — Police say they clocked a New Jersey man driving 69 mph over the speed limit on I-95 Sidney.

Maine State Police say that 64-year-old Sang Yook was going 139 mph in his BMW Z-4 on Tuesday, June 6.

Yook admitted to police that he was going 130 mph. He told police he had been driving around 75 mph when another car came up behind him and was "right on his tail" and that is why he went so fast.

Yook said he normally does not speed.

Police say Yook then got out of the car and refused to get back inside. He was arrested for criminal speeding and his 2017 BMW Z-4 was towed away.

Yook did not make bail, and pleaded guilty to criminal speed on Wednesday, June 7 in court and was sentenced to 48 hours in jail, with the judge crediting him for time served, and a $300.