PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A new report by a transportation research group finds one quarter of Maine's roads in "poor condition."

The group -- called "TRIP" -- released the report which details some of the major issues with Maine's infrastructure.

“You see a lot of it. You see a lot of repairs that need to be done on front ends." Auto technician David Hunt says it's a constant problem for drivers.

People in the Portland area pay more than one-thousand dollars a year in extra vehicle operating costs, according to the report. All the drivers in the state total more than one billion dollars a year.

The bond issue would give 100 million dollars to rehab roads and build more infrastructure.
The federal government would match that with approximately 137 million dollars.

The Maine Better Transportation Association says the last time a bond issue like this failed was almost 50 years ago. "We feel confident that the voters do recognize the need for a strong, well-maintained infrastructure."