LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Red Cross of Maine volunteers are heading south to provide assistance to those affected by the Hurricane Matthew. Two crews left for South Carolina Friday morning. They are Kendra Atwood and Bill Thomas out of the Bangor branch, and Joyce Baron and Todd Tisdale from the Lewiston branch.

The volunteers will be handing out bottled water, supply kits, and hundreds of meals to those in need. Baron and Tisdale were deployed over the summer to assist flood victims in Louisiana, the two say they know what to expect after that experience.

"We drove through there to feed them. We've had people come and as soon as they'd see us, they'd start crying," recalled Baron. "My heart just went out to all of them, that's why I joined the read cross, to help them."

"Working with the Red Cross, I find fulfilling," said Tisdale. "I find that I'm doing something good for everybody else. It's kind of like a payback, a pay it forward if you will."

The Red Cross Maine volunteers will be down south helping out for about two weeks.