BOOTHBAY HARBOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A Boothbay Harbor pastor has raised more than $5,000 as of Monday in a Facebook donation campaign for the American Red Cross.

Pastor Sarah Foulger at the Congregational Church of Boothbay Harbor said she would match up to $1,000 of her own money.

"It doesn't matter if you can only give 10 dollars because all of those 10 dollar contributions add up," said Pastor Sarah Foulger. "Our neighbors in Texas will get the help they need and it's more help than anyone knows at this point, I'm sure of that."

Pastor Foulger started the fundraiser just days after Harvey hit Texas. She told NEWS CENTER that two of her friends lost their homes in the storm in Texas.

Pastor Foulger is now suggesting two other ways to help those dealing with the aftermath of Harvey. Pastor Foulger posted the following on her Facebook Page:

"Two ways to help our neighbors in Texas (from Sarah):

1. Cards and letters of encouragement: I have two friends who have lost their homes in Texas. One of them suggested we write cards and letters of encouragement. These can simply start with the words, "Dear Friends." If people are willing to write such a card or letter, these may be dropped off in the church office or brought to worship at Barrett's Park next Sunday morning. I'll have a collection box ready and will send cards/letters to churches in Texas for distribution.

2. Church World Service Buckets: Please put together all bucket items and get to the church by Friday morning, September 15th. Buckets will be gathered and brought to Portland for trucking to Texas. Bucket list below:

CWS Emergency Cleanup Buckets Supplies needed:

  • One five-gallon bucket with resealable lid (If bucket has been used, clean well but do not use if it has held chemicals of any kind.)
  • Four scouring pads
  • Seven sponges, including one large
  • One scrub brush
  • Eighteen reusable cleaning towels (e.g. Easy Wipes)
  • One 50 oz. or two 25 oz. bottle(s) of liquid laundry detergent
  • One 16-28 oz. bottle of liquid disinfectant dish soap
  • One 12-16 oz. bottle of household cleaner that can be mixed with water (no spray bottles)
  • One package of 48-50 clothespins
  • Clothesline, two 50 ft. or one 100 ft.
  • Five dust masks
  • Two pairs non surgical latex gloves
  • One pair work gloves, cotton with leather palm or all leather
  • 24-28 heavy duty or contractor type 30-45 gallon trash bags on a roll and removed from carton
  • One 6-9 oz. bottle of non-aerosol insect repellent

All cleaning items must be new— all liquid items must be capped and securely tightened. Place all items into the bucket, making sure they are packed securely to avoid damage during shipment. Snap the lid on tight and seal with packing tape."