PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Established in 1794, a college as old as Bowdoin is bound to have some strange stories within the ivy-covered walls of its buildings.
One of which is Adams Hall, now home to liberal arts classes. But, from just after the civil war until the early 1920's, it served as the Medical School.
But it still shows hints of its unsettling past.

From alcoves in the basement that once housed cadavers, to a hook that used to hoist those cadavers to the top floor, and even coffin lids discovered after a 2007 renovation.

"They actually made a very interesting discovery, which is that some of the floor boards that were used were actually the coffin lids that the bodies have been brought in," said David Francis, senior interactive developer for the college's Digital and Social Media Department, as well as author of "Haunted Bowdoin College." Francis often gives tours of Bowdoin's proclaimed haunted buildings.

According to Francis, some people have even had what they believe are paranormal experiences in Adams Hall, including one story he was told while giving a tour of the basement.

" Over there in the corner, she said she saw this figure sitting over there on the floor," he said. "She walked a little bit closer and she said that's when it turned to look at her, and she just turned and ran."

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