BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A man from Bangor saved some baby animals from a rather squirrly situation.

On Sunday, Andrew Day was at his parents' house when noticed these four baby squirrels outside -- tied together by their tails!

He approached them, got them into a safe place, and then his mom Kathy called the Game Wardens.

The closest warden was about an hour away, so Day and his parents took matters into their own hands.

They were able to free the baby squirrels from each other within an hour and a half -- all while their mother watched nearby.

When they were finally free, they all scurried up a tree back to mom -- safe and sound.

"It was sad," Andrew Day said, "we felt like we had to help them out."

Day told our reporters that people have reached out to him with positive feedback after seeing the video, but states he doesn't feel like a hero.