GORHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It was like any other morning for Pauline Leach, playing with her dachshund named Finn. That is until her grandson Bradford called, with horrifying news: "Grandma," he told her. "Dad was at the Jason Aldean concert in Vegas last night."

Pauline had to find out if her only son, Damon, was among the victims of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. She grabbed her cell phone and hit the FaceTime icon. Breathing a sigh of relief, Pauline saw Damon's tired face appear on the 4-inch screen.

Pauline: "Hi, Damon. It's Mom. How are you doing?"

Damon: "I am hanging in there."

Pauline: "Yeah, you looked pretty rattled when I saw you on TV."

Damon: "Yeah, I'm pretty exhausted."

Damon was in the crowd when the gunman began to open fire from above on thousands of innocent concertgoers.

Pauline: "I couldn't believe that you were on the same floor as that guy."

Damon: "Yeah, it's crazy. They won't let us back to our room right now. They're still investigating. We were on the same floor as the shooter. We were in room 32,109 and he was just down the hall, in room 32,135."

Pauline: "I'm grateful that you're alive, Damon. You're my only son and I worry about you. I'll be glad when you get home."

via Pauline Leach

Damon: "I am OK and we were lucky to get out of the concert OK. A lot of people didn't. We heard a big bang when it first started. I believe there was a girl close to us who got shot. That was the first noise that we heard. It sounded like there were shots coming in different directions, but it's just where they were hitting the crowds."

Pauline: "So you were doing what they were doing, you were scooting down and running for it?"

Damon: "Exactly. Getting down and getting cover, too. Going away from the shots."

Pauline: "Have you talked to your son Bradford?

Damon: "Yeah, I talked to him. He called me soon after it happened. We were getting behind the barricades, so I was in safety at that time."

Pauline: I'll be glad when you get home.

Damon: "I love you, Mom."

Pauline: "I love you too, Damon."