BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A mental health outpatient center in Bangor is the latest target of a cyber attack here in Maine.

The Behavioral Health Clinic has confirmed they were hit by a cyber security breach and reported it to the FBI Monday.

David Farmer, a spokesperson, says the clinic was tipped off by a blogger on the blog site

In the blog post the blogger named "Dissent" says that they came across an ad on the "dark web" that listed evaluation records of patients and other records of sex offenders and sexual abuse victims.

The post also claims that over 3,000 records may have been compromised which could include patients' names, social security numbers, family history, and more.

Farmer says the the Behavioral Health Clinic wants to conclude its investigation before confirming what information was stolen and how many people may have been affected.

"This is someone who has information that they shouldn't have and we are not taking any chances," Farmer said, "We are doing everything in our power to stop that right now"

Farmer also adds that the threat has been stopped at the moment, and that the clinic will offer credit monitoring to anyone they find has been affected by the breach