With the news of former President George H. W. Bush and his wife, Barbara, going into Houston Methodist hospital on Friday, friends in Maine sent well wishes Wednesday to the couple who spends their summers in Kennebunkport.

"I want to thank you so much for all that you did for me since I was growing up. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t known you and Mrs. Bush," said Ed Hutchins, who used to groom the lawn at the Bush's Walker Point home when Bush 41 was the Vice President. "It’s my hope for you to have a speedy recovery and get back here to Kennebunkport very soon. I’ve got a couple of lobsters on my boat waiting for you."

Mr. and Mrs. Bush's longtime friend Ken Raynor, the golf professional at the Cape Arundel Golf Club, said he hopes to see him soon.

“He’s like my second dad to me. I cherish my time with him and love him dearly and we’ve done so many special things together that I’ll forever be indebted to him. I love you and we’re thinking of you and we know you’re going to get a lot better and be a lot better and looking forward to our next time together," said Raynor. "We're thinking of him and there's a big smile on my face thinking about our great memories together."

On Thursday, even more Mainers sent well wishes, including many owners of the Bush's favorite local restaurants.

"Get out quick so we can serve you a lobster,": said Tim Tower and his family, general managers of Barnacle Billy's restaurant in Ogunquit.

"He's probably got all the nurses laughing and he's got the doctors laughing -- even though he's trying to recover, they're going to do it with the greatest of dignity," said Bonnie Clement of H.B. Provisions in Kennebunkport.

Clement remembers many memories with the Bushes, including when they attended he wedding to her business partner Helen Thorgalsen.

"He's the former leader of the free world, yes, but really first and foremost, he's a family man and a friend," said Clement.

Bob Paine, a Kennebunkport artist, has painted several pictures for the Bushes. His wife Evelyn bonded with Barbara over their dogs.

"It's just a wonderful relationship. We think the world of them," said Evelyn Paine.

NEWS CENTER also spoke to Elmer Brown, a retired Secret Service agent who was driver for the Bushes when he became Vice President.

"When I retired, Mrs. Bush got in the car and she said to me, 'I hear you're going to retire and I said, 'yes Mrs. Bush, it's time for me to go,' and she said, 'well who's going to take care of me like you do?' That was the highlight of my career," said Brown. "Hopefully they get well and get out of the hospital."

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