PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A business started here in Maine is pitching in to help people in Puerto Rico.

More than two months after Hurricane Maria ripped through the country, more than half of the people there are still struggling without power. Solar company Revision Energy is now building portable units that will bring immediate power to some sections of the island.

Repairs to the country’s power grid have been slow moving. Soon a local company will help the people there harness the energy of the sun.

“Puerto Rico is located fairly close to the equator where the solar resource is incredibly powerful. They get something like 300 days of sunshine per year”, said Phil Coupe, Co-Founder of ReVision Energy.

To help them do that ReVision Energy is building portable solar devices that can be transported by truck across Puerto Rico to the hardest hit areas.

“We’re trying to alleviate some of the massive suffering that’s still going on down in Puerto Rico”, said Coupe.

They will look like a basic small U-Haul trailer equipped with solar panels on the sides and roof. Inside will be a battery storage unit to store the energy generated by the sun.

“So that we can bring power to the most devastated, remote areas. We’ll be able to power computers, small electronics and emergency communication devices to hopefully help them get back on their feet", Coupe said.

ReVision is part of a nationwide consortium of solar companies working with the disaster relief non-profit Amurtel to strategically place the systems in Puerto Rico.

“We’re calling them Solar Outreach Systems and they’re going to community centers and local authorities who know where the need is greatest", Coupe said.

The plan is to eventually have 100 units that can be moved to disaster zones across the globe that need them the most.

ReVision will be using donated equipment and doing some fundraising to help pay for the units.