BIDDEFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A motorcycle club plans to join in the fight against drugs in Maine communities by holding a "ride for recovery" on Saturday.

The Second Chance Soldiers is a group of people who used to be criminals or struggle with substance use.

"A lot of our guys come from colorful pasts," said founder and president Sean McKenna, who used to be involved in organized crime and struggled with alcoholism.

"I kind of got to a point in my life where I decided I wanted to be on the opposite side. I wanted to help people instead of watching them destroy their lives," said McKenna.

He said his girlfriend overdosed on heroin last year and died. He said she had been sober and in recovery, after struggling with substance use for 10 years. McKenna said her death was one of the reasons he started the motorcycle club.

"The body count was stacking up and I started to take it personally so I thought I'd step out of it and make a decision to get involved," said McKenna.

When he found out about the problem in Sanford -- people arrested for dealing drugs within one-thousand feet of a school zone -- he joined in the fight.

"People are fed up with it. They're tired of seeing their communities poisoned. They're tired of seeing people walk around their communities like zombies."

McKenna's club has a bold motto: We Hunt Heroin Dealers.

"I mean just what it says, we hunt heroin dealers. If we found out there heroin dealers in our community, we're going to seek them out and try everything we can to get them to stop, whether its our involvement with law enforcement, peaceful protesting, reaching out and offering them help, we'll do whatever we can."

When asked if club members would resort to physical violence, McKenna said it is not out of the question, but they do not initiate with violence.

"Obviously if people come after members of our ministry, we're going to defend ourselves, but that's not ultimately what we're trying to be. We're not trying to be vigilantes. I'm willing to help anyone who deals drugs who wants to get out of that lifestyle."

NEWS CENTER reached out to the Sanford Police Department to see what, if any, interactions they have had with the club, but did not get a response.