UPDATE: Eddie and bean were reunited shortly after this story was posted. Kristin from Gus and Ruby Letterpress found bean and reunited the good friends on Friday afternoon.

Kristin at Gus and Ruby Letterpress reunites bean and five-year-old Eddie. 

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A family from Tennessee is asking for Mainers to help their son sleep better at night.

Five-year-old Eddie was visiting Maine for the first time with his bunny blanket, named Bean, when it wandered off.

The family was out shopping in Portland's downtown Thursday, Oct. 12, when Eddie's mom says Bean, who has been with Eddie since birth and goes everywhere the five-year-old goes, got lost.

Jennifer Dzermejko said they brought their son Eddie and his baby sister, Savannah, to Maine to visit cousins in Yarmouth.

"Eddie is really sad. He just wants Bean back."

Jennifer says the family is in Maine for one more day and is hoping someone has spotted Bean. The bunny blanket is grayish with blue and yellow designs on the hem.

"We are thinking he is on a grand adventure," said Dzermejko.

The Knoxville family took to craigslist to ask for help. If you have information about the whereabouts of this bunny please go here.

Jennifer says she is happy to pay postage to reunite Bean with Eddie and she know it will mean the world to her son.