WESTBROOK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The images of the victims in Tuesday's devastating chemical weapons attack in Syria are heart-wrenching — especially difficult for Syrian families now living in the United States.

Yassin Saker moved his wife and four children from Syria to Maine six months ago. His parents and seven of his siblings remain in Syria, and he fears for their safety as the civil war there continues to tear the country apart.

"I am concerned about my family, every Syrian is concerned about their families whether in Damascus, in the north, or in the south," Saker said.

He said everyone living there is scared and no one knows who is good or bad because everyone has weapons. He said the chemical weapons attacks provoke even more fear.

"I see so many people get killed, my neighbors, everyone in Syria sees this," he said.

With so many members of his family still in Syria, Saker is careful not to choose sides. He said his family had to leave their homes and belongings to flee the fighting and are now refugees in their own country. He just wants the conflict to end, and peace for his country.

"It is really sad, really sad for the Syrian people," Saker said.