BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — As tensions between the United States and North Korea ramp up over the latter's weapons development, Korean War veterans from Maine are reminded of their time in the service.

Ken Buckley of Bangor went through old photos and memorabilia as he reminisced on arriving at the Korean Peninsula for the first time in 1953. He recalled the war being a back-and-forth encounter that pitted the United States and its allies against North Korea, Russia, and China. All of this after communist North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950.

"We'd attack, take the hill, and then before you knew it, they'd take it back," Buckley said, "It was just like checkers."

Brewer's Dolores Hainer served in Okinawa, Japan during the Korean War. She says many soldiers wounded in Korea were sent to Okinawa to undergo surgery before being sent back to the United States. Hainer -- and many other women like here helped care for the wounded.

"There's nothing as devastating as war." Hainer said.

Both Buckley and Hainer say there are paralells between the Korean War and the current conflict involving North Korea.

"People didn't want another war, anymore than they want another war today," Buckley said, "and here we are again."

More than 233 Mainers died in that war. These veterans who survived it say they hope the world will remember the cost in human lives back then, as tensions continue to rise.