YARMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — This year's harsh winter is having an impact on lobster but prices are starting to moderate as soft shell lobster becomes more available.

At Day's Crabmeat & Lobster in Yarmouth the price for picked lobster is $47 per pound -- three years ago it was around $35 a pound. A lobster roll started out at 16.99, the highest in a while -- now it's a dollar cheaper.

The higher prices are blamed on a decreased supply following a very cold winters with a lot of windy days which it made it difficult to harvest.

Across the state the prices range from as low as $8.99 to nearly $23 at Red's Eats. These tourists aren't complaining

"The line didn't deter us," said Nathan Beverage. "We feel really good, the price isn't a problem. I am cheap too, as my wife would say, but this is something."

Prices for wholesale lobster and rolls are expected to moderate even more throughout the summer as soft shell lobster season picks up.