If you look closely at the home where Carroll and Dustin Tuttle and Lori Hayden lived, Thursday evening, there would be something different about it.

There’s a little memorial there now, with angels and a truck like the ones Dustin loved.

The memorial is the type of thing folks on Russell road say their neighborhood is all about – neighbors caring for one another.

Concern for a neighbor in trouble is what brought Don Curtis, who lived next to Tuttle, outside Wednesday morning.

He still can’t believe what he found instead.
In the bushes, less than a hundred yards away, Carroll Tuttle was shooting his wife’s relative Harvey Austin.

Curtis says he hid under a truck in his yard for ten minutes while shooting like “firecrackers” went on around him.

“It seemed like an eternity,” he said.

When deputies finally allowed Curtis to come out from his hiding place, he says he realized how lucky he is to be alive.

“I was right in the line of fire, a lot of us were right in the line of fire,” said Curtis.

A day later, Curtis is trying to move forward understanding he’ll never know exactly why Carroll Tuttle did what he did.

“You see somebody getting shot on TV you know it’s fake,” he said. “When you see somebody getting shot in real life, it’s harder to take.”