LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Lewiston mother who accidentally ran over and killed her 17-month old toddler Saturday in the parking lot of Pleasant View Acres complex was driving with a conditional license, according to police.

Lewiston Police Lieutenant Saint Pierre said the mother, Taneisha Thomas, 27, of Lewiston, struck and killed her baby daughter, Tiannah Sevey as she was backing out of a spot in the parking lot with her 2004 Mercury Mountaineer SUV.

The spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety, Steve McCausland said it's the responsibility of the person backing out with their car, where children are present to ensure no one is behind them.

After Saturday night's tragedy, the mother did undergo a blood test to determine if she had any alcohol or drugs in her system. Lieutenant Saint Pierre said this test is standard protocol in all fatal motor vehicle crashes. He also noted that any person driving with a conditional license may not have an alcohol level above .02. Thoma's conditional license was set to expire on October 7th.

On Sunday the community gathered for a memorial in the parking lot where Tiannah was killed. They brought teddy bears, candles, and flowers to mourn the little girl who would have turned 2 on April 19, 2018.