Lewiston Mayor Robert Macdonald says he get a postcard in the mail that's frightening Somali immigrants.
It's from someone concerned about ICE deportations.
He thinks the note only creates unnecessary rumors and fear.
“They decided to send something like this out, it's up to me as the mayor of Lewiston to make sure that our refugee population that are here legally know nothing like this is going to happen to them,” said Macdonald.
At businesses located steps from city hall, Somalis say the thought of being sent home is terrifying.
Many Somalis living in western countries fear they will be called a traitor if they go back home.
The country is also unstable and violent.
“Here they are safe,” said Iraax Saciidciise who lives in Lewiston. “They can call 9-1-1. If something happens over there, they can't call 9-1-1. If they call the military people, the military people might come there and kill them”
Some Somalis, like Said Mohamud, want to make Somalia a better place to live.

Mohamud has run for president of his home country twice.

He wants to show Somalis what the west has to offer in terms of freedom and democracy.

“That's why [Somalis] choose to come here to the west because they see, in most of the western countries they respect the human rights,” he said.
Meanwhile, Mayor Macdonald plans to continue to comfort his immigrant communities.
He didn't share where the post card he received came from but said he thinks more were sent out.
Macdonald just wants Somalis in Lewiston legally to know he supports them.

However, he also repeated that Lewiston is not a sanctuary city.
He says he will not stand in the way of ICE arresting anyone in living in the city illegally.