LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – Hundreds of people came together to remember 13-year-old Jayden Cho-Sargent in Lewiston Thursday evening.

A vigil was held at Lewiston Middle School where Cho-Sargent was an eighth-grader.

He was killed walking to school that morning by 54-year-old Laurie Young of South Paris while crossing a street.

Jayden’s friends, family and members of the Lewiston community all stood silent holding candles for 13 minutes.

A bell was rung one time as each one of those minutes passed.

For parents in the crowd, it was an emotional day as word that a student, at first unidentified, had been hit spread.

News that few, if any people expected to hear.

“I'm a father of four so having something like this happen definitely isn't something that crosses your mind,” said Joe Cormier who attended the vigil with his daughter, a student at the middle school.

Thursday was also an unusual day for teachers who had to cope with reacting to a heartbreaking situation while trying to comfort students.

“I think it's been surreal,” said Linda Scott, chair of the Lewiston school committee. “I'm absolutely amazed at the response from the staff and administration in the school.”

Police say Sargent was wearing dark clothing and a heavy mist was coming down at the time of the accident.

Details from the investigation will be forwarded to the Androscoggin County District Attorney’s Office.

Young agreed to alcohol and drug tests and has not been charged.