PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Governor Paul LePage drew criticism from constituents Tuesday after two women posted handwritten responses he sent them after they wrote to criticize him for his silence following racially charged violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The Republican governor responded to constituent Darcey Poulin by saying, "You must be reading the liberal press. I have been the most outspoken Governor of the KKK. Funny how you don't listen until it suites (sic) your own bigotry."

"To get a note written by him personally that contained such vitriol just shocked me I guess," said Poulin. "To say that I am bigoted in some way, I fee like is unfair and doesn't help. It's frustrating. It's one thing to have a comment on line but another to get a handwritten note from you Governor."

Poulin wrote the Governor to express her disappointment for his delayed response. Governor LePage did respond on his Facebook page on August 17 about the violence.

Sabrina Apczynski also got a handwritten note from LePage after writing a similar letter of disappointment. LePage wrote: "This does not deserve a dignified response. I'm a patriotic American. What are you?"

"He took time out of his day to personally attack folks who presented him views that were opposing to his own," said Apczynski.

The governor came under fire after echoing the comments of President Donald Trump, who said white nationalist protesters and counterprotesters shared blame for the violence in Charlottesville on August 12. Authorities say one person was killed when a white nationalist rammed counterprotesters with his car.

NEWS CENTER reached out to Governor LePage's office to get his side of the story, but they did not respond. The Governor spent much of Tuesday in Aroostook County visiting small businesses.