READFIELD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A case of alleged bullying by a teacher in Readfield has officials on both sides of the case speaking out.

Adam and Michelle Woodford claim that on four separate occasions, their 11-year-old daughter had a bag placed over her head by her teacher, Laura Reville. But the school district says there was no ill-intent behind Reville's actions.

Lawyers for the Woodford family said that back in 2015, their daughter was singled out by Reville, and was the only student to have a bag placed over her head in class on four separate occasions.

They said this is a case of bullying, and that their daughter was embarrassed, humiliated and teased by other students because of her teacher's actions

Family members said that in the past year, they were repeatedly denied answers about what the school was doing to protect and help their child, so they are taking legal action.

The Maine Education Association responded to today with a statement, saying. "The RSU 38 school district and the teacher discussed the issue in question more than a year ago, and at that time, the district conducted an investigation into the action … the district found no ill-intent on the part of the teacher."

The statement also said the teacher in question "… has an exemplary professional teaching record" and "is among the many educators and administrators in RSU 38 who are devoted to their students and their well-being."