ACTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A landlord in Acton was arrested Monday night by York County Sheriff's deputies, suspected of running over one his tenants with a tractor.

Sheriff William King said deputies responded to a reported disturbance on Dennis Lane that involved gunshots, screaming and a tractor. En route, deputies learned that a woman had been run over by a tractor and a man was threatening people with a weapon.

Earlier that day, 64-year-old Leslie Dennis had contacted the sheriff's office to report that his tenants, who he planned to evict, were digging up plants from the backyard. Deputies advised Dennis to pursue a civil avenue to settle the dispute between him and the two women renting his apartment.

The sheriff's office later concluded one of the tenants decided to continue digging up plants Monday night with her adult son. This upset Dennis, they said, who then got his tractor and started driving toward them in a threatening manner.

Deputies said the son approached Dennis and struck him with a shovel. Dennis then hit the man with the tractor and "ran over" his mother, the tenant, breaking her hip.

The woman was transported to Southern Maine Health Care in Sanford. Her condition was not immediately known.

Dennis was charged with aggravated assault. He posted $500 bail and was released.