WESTBROOK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - For many kids, hanging out in Santa's workshop and making candy canes is a dream come true.

Many did just that Saturday in Westbrook - while raising money for other kids who aren't as lucky this year.
Crafting candy canes in the holiday spirit - and the spirit of giving.

These candies help make dreams come true for kids who are sick.

Kenny Tuttle used to be one of them. Getting diagnosed with cancer is not the way most teenagers imagine going off to college

“It was weird because I was healthy. I felt fine,” said Tuttle. “And there was no symptoms. The hardest part was that all my friends were going off to school. The diagnosis came just a couple weeks before I was supposed to leave too, so that was the hardest part.”

Thanks to his friends at the Dream Factory, a Maine group that helps kids with critical illnesses realize their dreams, Kenny was able to realize his.

He has one hobby that got him through treatment with a positive outlook: golf.

“I would say 'Give me my chemo early, so I can go play golf and enjoy my day.' Golf's kind of like my yoga. Relaxing,” the 19-year-old explained.

That is why golf played such a huge role in Kenny's dream.

The Dream Factory made it possible for him to meet his idol - golfer Keegan Bradley.

“It was wicked cool,” he said. “To spend the day with [Bradley] was unreal. The whole week was awesome, just playing different courses.”

Now, he is celebrating his 1 year anniversary of being cancer free.

“It's a relief to be over with everything and healthy again,” said Tuttle.

Now he's returning the favor-- helping to make another kid's Christmas a little sweeter.

Around 800 kids and parents came through Haven's candies to make candy canes -- raising around $15,000 for the Dream Factory.