LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Kidnapping and unlawful sexual contact charges against a man from Rumford have been dropped, after his lawyer discovered surveillance tapes that contradicted the alleged victim’s story.

After being pressed by investigators, the woman admitted she lied about being forced into Joshua Brown's car. Now Brown and his family are furious saying they lost much more than their reputations.

“I wouldn’t even go shopping in the little town I live in because of the ridicule”, said Brown's wife Sheri.

For Sheri Brown and her husband, their nightmare is over. But the damage is already done. In May Josh Brown was arrested, charged and booked for kidnapping and unlawful sexual conduct.

The incident happened in Lewiston when Brown pulled up next to a woman on Lisbon Street.

“Her version of events was that Josh got out of his car and sort of bullied her into his car”, said Brown's attorney Jim Howaniec.

But two blurry pieces of surveillance video, one taken from a business, the other from the district courthouse, told another story. Brown’s lawyer says one shows the woman willingly get in the car. The other shows the brake light on Brown’s car constantly on.

“So that obviously meant Josh never got out of his vehicle”, said Howniec.

And never forced the woman in.

“Everything that happened she was willing to go along with. She got in my car by herself, everything”, said Josh Brown.

Brown was facing the prospect of spending up to 30-years in prison if convicted. But the videos convinced the district attorney to drop the charges. Now the Brown’s want to see the woman charged for lying to a grand jury.

“I would like to see her be humiliated as my husband was and the rest of my family”, said Sheri Brown

While Josh Brown did not commit a crime, he is guilty of something. Cheating on his wife.

“If I choose to stay with my husband, which obviously I’m here. That’s my choice, my decision to make”, said Sheri Brown.

The Browns say this ordeal has cost them about $70,000. They will get $10,000 back for the bail they posted, but they say the rest they’ll never see.