PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – The Anthony Sanborn post-conviction review hearing continued Monday morning in a Portland courtroom.

Sanborn is free on bail after serving 27 years of a 70 year prison sentence. He was convicted in 1992 for the murder of teenager Jessica Briggs. He was released on bail after the state’s key witness, Hope Cady, recanted her testimony. Cady testified during Sanborn’s trial that she saw him kill Briggs. In April she changed her story, saying police coerced her and pressured her into saying that.

Cady is expected to testify in Sanborn’s post-conviction review hearing. That could happen as soon as Tuesday.

Danny Young, one of the main detectives who investigated the Briggs murder, was on the stand Monday morning. He testified he observed a polygraph test given to Michelle Lincoln. She was friends with Sanborn at the time of the murder and has since gotten married to him.

Young testified that Lincoln was asked if she knew who killed Briggs and she answered, "No." Afterwards she was told by the officer who administered the test she was not being truthful. Young was asked how she responded to that. The judge ruled that Young would not be allowed to answer that.

Prosecutor Meg Elam then told the judge what she expected Young to say if he was allowed to answer.

“What did Michelle Lincoln say after being informed that her polygraph was viewed as not completely truthful, I expect he would say, she got emotional and said, okay Tony did it”, Elam said.

Monday afternoon Ned Chester, one of Sanborn’s original attorneys who represented him during the Briggs trial, is expected to take the stand.