PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – The key witness in the Anthony Sanborn murder trial, who later recanted her testimony, is expected to take the stand this week in Sanborn’s post-conviction review hearing.

Hope Cady could testify as early as Tuesday.

Sanborn was released on bail after serving 27 years of a 70 year prison sentence after Cady said she lied when she said she saw Sanborn kill Jessica Briggs.

The credibility of Cady was an issue back at Sanborn’s murder trial and is once again in his post-conviction review hearing.

Ned Chester was one of Anthony Sanborn’s attorneys during his 1992 murder trial. He said the defense strategy was to attack the credibility of the state’s two key witnesses, including Hope Cady. Cady said she heard the voices of Sanborn and Michelle Lincoln down on the Maine State Pier before she saw Sanborn stab Briggs.

“Less than credible because she said she heard their voices and I think it was pretty clear she hadn’t had any contact with either Tony or Michelle Lincoln, which were the two people she identified on the dock”, Chester testified.

Chester was asked about police investigator notes that were not put into official reports and not turned over to the defense. On numerous occasions he responded, "We would have liked to have that information", including one that Sanborn’s attorney claims had Hope Cady coming to police with information about another possible suspect.

“It means that two weeks after the murder she’s identifying somebody other than Tony Sanborn as a suspect. That would appear to be in direct conflict with the testimony she gave at trial”, said Chester.

Earlier in the day, one of the lead detectives in the case, Danny Young, was asked by the state’s attorney about interviews he did with Michelle Lincoln, a friend of Sanborn’s at the time, who is now married to him. She testified she washed a pair of Sanborn’s Jeans around the time of the murder that were splattered with blood.

“And when she went home after doing the laundry Tony said to her is the blood gone?", state attorney Meg Elam asked.

"Yes”, responded Young.

She also told Young after learning about Brigg’s murder on the news she went to tell Sanborn about it.

“Did she describe Mr. Sanborn’s reaction to her telling him on Thursday that Jessica was dead?", Elam asked.

"She said he was not surprised", Young said.

"What did he say, what did she quote him as saying?", asked Elam.

"Yah, so”, Young testified.

The other attorney who represented Sanborn during the murder trial, Neale Duffett, is expected to take the stand in the morning. If they get through him in a timely manner, Hope Cady could be on the stand Tuesday.