BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Two days of jury deliberations in the trial of Robert Burton ended with a verdict of guilty.

Burton was convicted on Thursday of killing his ex-girlfriend, Stephanie Ginn Gebo, in Parkman in 2015. Burton's arrest came after one of the longest manhunts in Maine history.

Prosecutors made the case that the relationship between Burton and Ginn Gebo was strained and that her death by shooting was no accident. The defense argued that Burton went to see her that night to work on their relationship only to find himself being threatened. According to his version of events, Burton was shot first and when he tried to get the gun out of Ginn Gebo's hand, she was then shot in the back, killing her.

As the jury was deliberating, Ginn Gebo's father, Vance Ginn, told NEWS CENTER that Burton's story didn't add up. "In my opinion, when you look at the evidence, the things they were saying wasn't true," Ginn said. "He went in to my daughters home, he caused major problems and at the end of it he murdered my daughter."