SANFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The court hearing for three juveniles accused of setting a massive fire in Sanford that destroyed an old mill building has been continued until October

After spending a few days at the Long Creek youth development center for juvenile offenders, two of the youths were released to the custody of their parents, the other one is living with his grandparents.

All three remain under house arrest and cannot leave the homes without a parent or guardian

Between now and the hearing in October, the boys will undergo mental health evaluations and risk assessments

Meanwhile officials in Sanford did a walk-through of the burned-out structure with representatives from the main DEP and federal EPA to assess what hazards remain inside

City officials are hoping to receive some federal or state money to help with the cleanup and take down of the structure

Initial estimates say the entire cost to clean up the site are around $1.5 million. The remnants of the building are seen as a safety concern in the area and have been fenced off the keep people out.