BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - On Thursday Morning John Bapst High School announced a $7.5 million dollar campaign called "Love the School" to raise money to renovate facilities and expand on it's campus.

The private school's plans include adding a new gym, fitness center, dining hall, and innovation center. A new practice gym will be built adjacent to Somerset Street and the school plans to renovate the old gym into a student dining hall and community center. They will also turn the old locker rooms into a center for technology and innovation.

"This actually goes back some years when a group of us surveyed students, parents, and alumni, faculty, asking what the schools needs were," said John Bapst Head of School Mel McKay. "And out of that 2012 or so, committee work came focused on a few projects that would really enhance the school."

The school has already raised nearly $3.5 million toward it's 7.5 million goal.

John Bapst has students enrolled from 40 different Maine towns as well as international students.

"What we are really doing primarily is bringing in students from outside the city limits to take advantage of all that richness," said McKay. "We are proud citizens of this city that can bring in economic activity."

The school knows that the expansion project will also bring the the Bangor more business and grow it's presence within the local community.

"The immediate impact becomes people in construction trades," said John Bapst Alumni and former faculty member Joe Sekara. "Most of those people will be local people. But long term correcting the deficiency the building has had since day one."

The school hopes to break ground on the "Love that School" project in the next 12 months.