While most people were trying to get away from Hurricane Irma, some Mainers rushed toward it. Portland resident Kristen Pollard and Mary Green from Caribou are in Roberta, Georgia. The Red Cross workers plan to be in the region for the next two weeks.

"I just want to help in any way I can," Pollard says.

Green, who's been through countless blizzards in Maine, says she's perhaps most surprised at how cold this tropical system is. News Center spoke with the women as the tropical storm just started making it's way to Georgia Monday morning.

"You expect it to be really warm and it's actually really cold," says Green. "It's a cold, driving wind and the rain is pouring down. It's a different kind of cold. I think Mainers are really used to cold snow, but being wet and cold is very, very different. So, I can only imagine what people are going through."

The women expect to work 10 hour days once the storm has passed. Eventually, they hope to share the knowledge gained in this experience to volunteers back in Maine.


The women say the American Red Cross is in need of volunteers in Maine.