ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A threatening note that was mailed to the Islamic Society of Portland on Tuesday has many in the Muslim community on edge.

The note contained threatening and derogatory language. Stating, come August, things will never be the same and their blood will run through the streets.

"It is confusion it is fear all mixed into one" Omar Conteh said. "Why would a human being want to see or enjoy the experience of seeing the blood of other people run in the streets".

Conteh is the Outreach Director for the Islamic Center of Maine -- he said his group has received threats in the past, but nothing like this. Portland Police believe the letter may have come from overseas and the department is now working with postal inspectors to find the source. They said this type of conduct is completely unacceptable.

"That's not how we do business in the city of Portland, that's not how we live and we're not going to stand for it" Portland Police chief Michael Sauschuck said.

Portland police said they have a very positive relationship with the Muslim community and they will continue to show their support -- which is exactly what Conteh says is needed right now.

"You know exactly how much support you have when something like this happens" Conteh said. "Threats do not defeat threats -- kindness and generosity and being open and accepting defeat these types of things".

Maine's Attorney Generals Office has been made aware of the situation at this time -- it is currently not involved but say if Portland police feel the Maine Civil Rights Act is implicated or they believe a criminal statute has been violated it will step in.