The state shutdown may be over but the whole budget process left a bad taste in the mouths of, not only those in state government, but average Mainers as well.

U.S. News and World Report ranked Maine in the bottom 12 of it's ranking of state governments, coming in at 39. The ranking is based on 4 criteria: Fiscal Stability (no. 38), Budget Transparency (no. 42), Government Digitalization (no. 21), and State Integrity (no. 39).

We hit the streets to ask whether the budget crisis and shutdown was evidence of dysfunction within the Maine State Government?

"Both parties should concentrate on helping the people that elected rather than on their own power trips," Paul Robbins, of Garland, said.

NEWS CENTER also posted a social poll on Facebook, which garnered hundreds of interactions on the questions: "With the state budget finally passed, has your trust in Maine's government grown?"

In a landslide, the poll received several more "no" votes than "yes" votes. Several people commented explaining their stance. With many people stating that the state government has ignored the "will of the people."

Yet while, the poll may have indicated that many people are displeased, there were others who are trusting the process.

"I trust that with LePage in power good things will happen for our state," Natasha Ramp, of Hudson, said, "sometimes you have to do the hard things to get the right results."

Others we spoke to seemed to be indifferent. They hope the government will find compromise as it did with the state budget.