CUMBERLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – The Cumberland Police Department say an employee at a gas station was caught selling alcohol to minors for an inflated price.

Cumberland Police say Kazi Nazrul Islam, who is the manager at the Irving Express Mart was caught selling a six pack of Twisted Tea and a small bag of chips for $60. Police say he had done this several times.

Police have been investigating the gas station on Main Street in Cumberland, for two months after receiving several anonymous calls that the store was selling alcohol and tobacco to minors.

Police say they interviewed minors who were caught buying alcohol and tobacco from the store. They also used minors in police operations to try and buy alcohol from the store.

Islam was charged for furnishing liquor to certain persons prohibited.

Police charged the store four separate times between May and August for sale of liquor to a minor, sale of tobacco to a minor and failure to check ID.

“I’m pleased that our investigation was successful,” said Rumsey “This store was a place where minors could expect to purchase these items. I’m hopeful that our actions will change the behavior of the store manager, and enhance the safety of our children.”

The Cumberland Police say they will continue to monitor the Irving Express Mart and others stores to make sure they are following the liquor and tobacco laws.