ORRINGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- State investigators remained at the scene of a standoff in Orrington Wednesday that ended with a man being shot and killed by three state police officers in an exchange of gunfire early Wednesday morning. Police say 54 year old Mark Ellis made threatening phone calls to police Tuesday afternoon, urging them to come to his home. What ensued was a more than 12 hour long standoff.

"During the incident there was an exchange of gunfire in which Ellis was struck and died at the scene," explained State Police Major Chris Grotton.

Three state police officers: Sergeant Josh Haines, Sgt. Peter Michaud, and Trooper David Coflesky were involved in the deadly force shooting and were placed on paid administrative leave while the attorney general's office investigates, which is a standard procedure. Meanwhile neighbors try to get back to life as normal. Many, like Pauline Miller had to leave her home and stay in a hotel room overnight.

"They put us up for free the four of us that live in this house and my niece and sister in law and other niece stayed with my sister in brewer," Miller said.

Miller, and several other neighbors NEWS CENTER spoke with did not know Mark Ellis very well. They said he lived at the house with his wife, but they didn't really speak much.

"He's my age according to what i've read but i have no knowledge of him at all."

Other neighbors, and a family friend told NEWS CENTER that Mark Ellis suffered a brain injury about 7 or 8 years ago after falling off a boat onto a cement floor. They said he was a good man struggling with an injury that changed him in many ways. According to authorities he had no criminal history.