NEWS CENTER has obtained audio of Hillary McLellan, accused of lying about the severity of her cancer diagnosis and stealing money for treatment, admitting that's exactly what she did.
In a 20-minute audio clip, McLellan's friends confront her about the allegations.
The admission in the recording is very clear.

McLellan’s friends spent a long time trying to get that answer, explaining parts of stories she’d told them about her disease, didn’t add up.

McLellan tried to dodge the subject, saying she didn't have anything to gain from saying she had cancer.
Eventually, after more pressure from her friends McLellan says she had a lumpectomy performed on her breast but beyond that, no cancer was or is in her body.

McLellan was indicted on theft by deception charges earlier this month.
She's accused of taking more than $10,000 dollars in donations from fundraisers in her name and is expected to appear in court on June 20th.
NEWS CENTER has made multiple attempts to reach McLellan but they have been unsuccessful.