PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- President Trump is expected to sign an executive action that would temporarily ban refugees and suspend current and ban new visas for immigrants coming from seven countries in order to, according to Trump, prevent potential terrorists from coming to the country.

The seven countries expected to be banned are Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen.

Maine has thousands of immigrants from many of those countries. Some of those immigrants still have family in those countries and worry they may never see their families again.

Ibtisam Al Emari, an Iraqi immigrant, has been waiting for her son, Rami, to gain access to the U.S. for three years.

"I feel very sad and think most of the time of my kids and I'm living on the dream that I will be reunited with them. Now this is happening," said Al Emari. "Families will be dismantled. Families will not be together again."

The last time she saw her sons was in August. It was only the second time she has seen them in the four years she has lived in the United States.

"Families are living on the hope of being reunited here in the US, and now he's killing us with this decision," said Al Emari.

Daniel Aboda, a refugee from South Sudan escaped civil war to come to the U.S., but still has many family members in a refugee camp in Uganda.

"You see people die in front of you. You see people getting killed, women get raped, people are sick from disease," said Aboda. "People are really in tears. People feel very bad and people are crying like crazy."

Both said this ban could prevent them from seeing their families ever again.