SKOWHEGAN, MAINE (NEWS CENTER) -- The Skowhegan woman facing animal abuse charges claims she is innocent and that police made things seem worse than they really were.

"Immorally I did stuff, but I didn’t do anything illegally that they are saying" Bizier said. "I mean I don’t blame them people – if I seen it I would have thought the same thing, but like I said they make it so much worse than it really is".

Bizier was arrested Friday after police obtained a search warrant and found 11 dogs in cages and in various spots in the house. Detective Katelyn Nichols was one of the first to enter the home -- she said this was the first animal abuse case she has ever handled. "I was very disgusted and I felt bad" Nichols said. "These poor animals have been going through this, god knows how many other animals have gone through it".

Nichols described the condition in which the animals to be found in as unlivable. "Simple metal cages, no food, no water, it was very cold in there and there was no heat" Nichols said. "There was no room to move around for lord knows how long".

However, Bizier said that what police are describing isn't true. "They were in cages yes, but they had hay, they had beds, they had 100 pounds of dog food in there" Bizier said. "They were not neglected, they were taken out four or five times a day, played with".

Bizier did admit to selling pets to people in the past with false documentation - but claims it was only a couple times. However Angela Cheetham of New Glouster says that is not the case - in fact she has been tracking Bizier and her many false identities since 2012. "A lot of people call this type of person a flipper" Cheetham said. "That's somebody that goes and gets animals free or cheap tells the owner oh I’m going to take care of them and really they are just lining their pockets off of these animals". Cheetham was happy to hear that Bizier was finally being held accountable for her actions.

"It was just like finally finally something is being done to this woman" Cheetham said. "In the long run those poor animals that were in her house, no matter the condition, they were in they're alive".

Bizier claims she has only done good by the dogs she has taken in -- and she is standing by her innocence. "Half of them I’ve gotten have nails so long that they are curled underneath their pads" Bizier said. "They’re skin and bones and are afraid and we take care of them and find them good homes".

Over 30 people have already come forward claiming that they were sold dogs by Bezier -- Skowhegan police are asking anyone who may have to speak with them.