BIDDEFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- An apartment owner in Biddeford said Thursday that he is getting hateful messages on social media after his name and address were mentioned in a racist ad on Craigslist.

Ryan LaBrecque said he started getting messages two days ago from people seeing a post circulating on Facebook. The post references an ad on Craigslist advertising LaBrecque's apartment on Oak Street as available to rent. The ad states "Blacks should not apply."

"I did not write that, it's not something I would write," LaBrecque. "The internet – you've got the good side and the bad side – people will believe what they see out there and it isn't true."

Craigslist removed the ad, but not before LaBrecque started being tagged and messaged on Facebook with posts decrying what people thought he wrote.

"This is horrible," one woman wrote. "I thought I would share it with you so others can see how rascists (sic) people really are."

LaBrecque said his apartment is not for rent, and that he did not create the ad. The ad lists LaBrecque's name and address, but the pictures on the ad do not match what LaBrecque's apartment looks like.

"I don't know what the motive behind it is," said LaBrecque.

Now, LaBrecque said he is concerned for the reaction in the coming days as the rumors continue to swirl.

"It takes a shot at your reputation," said LaBrecque. "It's scary serious too – people react pretty heavily to stuff like that. It's not something to be taken lightly."